The Lobby – The Peninsula Tokyo

17th AugustI went for afternoon tea with my friend from high school at The Peninsula Tokyo.We talked about tra… Read more »

和風レストラン 田園

16th AugustAfter the onsen, we ate lunch at a popular restaurant in the town.I wanted to eat a local specialty… Read more »

海辺の天然温泉 わたり温泉 鳥の海

16th Augusut We went to a hot spring called “Tori no Umi”.It’s a very famous spot because it… Read more »


16th AugustThen we headed to another shrine because that day there was a special event that only happens once … Read more »


16th AugustWe visited a museum next to the main station.We could see the town being reconstructed from an obse… Read more »

もち処 木乃幡

16th AugustI ate a mochi sweets called ‘mochurros’ at a mochi shop named ‘Konohata’.It… Read more »

とうふ処 豆達人

16th AugustAfter that, we ate tofu ice cream tofu shop called ‘Mame Tatsujin’.It was my mother and… Read more »


16th AugustAfter breakfast, we went to shrine.It had a large tree that was over a thoUSAnd years old and a lot… Read more »

2016年 わたりふるさと夏祭り

  15th AugustEarthquake happened when the memorial for the victims was started by the chief priest.I was so sc… Read more »

亘理町 – 宮城県亘理郡

15th AugustI went to Watari-cho in Miyagi Prefecture with my parents and my youngest sister.The town is one of… Read more »