13th May

Some boat crew said to us “The Grotta Azzurra is not open.” at the harbor.
One crew member named Chiro said “The Grotta Azzurra is not open but we can guide you around the island, and we can show you the other four caves by boat. It’s 40 euros per person.”.
I said to him “It’s too expensive.” but he said to me “I understand but It’s 40 euros.”.
I said to him many times “No, It’s too expensive.”.
He said “A discount from 35 euros or less per person is impossible because the boat takes fuel costs to go around the island.”.

So, an American family came there when we were about to leave the harbor. They wanted to ride the boat together.
Chiro said to me look at them “Wait! It’s OK, 20 euros per person because they’ll ride together.” .
We decided to go on the tour soon because a ship that goes to the gate of The Grotta Azzurra takes 14 euros per person.
Actually, there was an other tour places by a big ship that was only 18 euros per person, but I don’t like crowded.

The American family were such friendly and kind people.
There were 3 people in total a couple named Mickey and Dobby and Mickey’s older brother named Don.



それを見てチロさんが「ちょっと待って! 彼らが一緒に乗るだろうから一人20ユーロでOKだよ!」と言ってきた 。


The boat departed shortly after. A crew was another guy that isn’t Chiro. 
The tour took one hour.
When we rode the boat I understood why the gate of Grotta Azzurra wasn’t open. 
The waves were extremely high.
I thought the tour would be impossible for a person who gets seasick easily because the boat was too shaky.


We didn’t go in the Grotta Azzurra, but we were able to see the ocean’s surface that looked shiny in a different cave.
That’s red cave called Grotta del Corallo, white cave called Grotta Bianca, and green cave called Grotta Verde.


The crew asked us “Do you want to proceed or return to the island?” when we arrived at a rock called ‘I faraglioni’.
We told them to proceed, and our boat went through a hole in the rock.
The boat was shaking more than ever.


I felt that the 1 hour on the boat flew by so fast.

Written by mariel