15th August

I went to Watari-cho in Miyagi Prefecture with my parents and my youngest sister.
The town is one of the areas affected by 3.11.
The reason why we went there was because we were invited to a festival in the town from one guy.
He is a singer and my family has been supporting him since he debuted.
He has been doing reconstruction activities in the town since 2011.
So, he had a gig to sing a song at the festival this year.
The song that he made is for the people of the town.

The first thing, we did was we said hi to my parents’s friends and then we ate lunch at their Italian restaurant.



After lunch, we headed to the festival venues. 
Then, we were greeted at a cenotaph.
Next to the cenotaph, the water level at the time of the earthquake has been displayed. It was even higher than my head.


I was so surprised when we arrived to a beach called ‘Arahama’, because it was completely different to other beaches that I know.
There was nothing all around because the town had been washed away by the tsunami.
My parents and my sister already visited in the town few times, but it was the first time for me.
Five years has passed since 3.11, but I was lost for words seeing this scene for the first time.

Written by mariel